Crystal of the Week: Lepidolite

Hi guys its been awhile but I’m going to write more frequently on my blog for the rest of the summer and probably take a hiatus in the fall as I finish my degree.

Anyway, the crystal of the week is Lepidolite! This purple crystal has quickly became a favorite of mine. I have two one that is really small about the size of a dime and a larger one about the size of a apricot. I use this mineral in meditation placing it on my third eye and have felt clearer about things that are going on in my life. I also sleep with both under my pillow at night and have had very vivid dreams with intense feeling and have even remembered more of these dreams in detail when I wake up. I have only been practicing/meditating with this mineral for about a week but already feel as if it is a positive influence in my daily practices.

“Lepidolite is calming, soothing energy that has a quieting effect on the mind and the emotions. It is excellent for sleeplessness and sleep disorders. Gently opens the third eye chakra when its being blocked by fear and resistance. Helps to relieve coughs, pain, and anxiety.”

I have been using this stone mainly in meditation to open up my third eye more so that I can listen more to intuition instead of the mind and it has been helping me immensely in doing so. I am someone who suffers a lot from anxiety especially about the future and if I’m “going the right way” in life. I also see its affects on me already in terms of relieving fear! I can be gripped by fear at times deciding to do nothing (in terms of my artwork/creativity) instead of pushing through the fear and continuing. I have seen that instead of being gripped by fear I now do push through it and paint even when I am plagued by fear.

Lepidolite is a stress relief stone. It contains lithium. It has a positive vibration that stimulates positive coincidences or synchronicity (which is a sure sign that you are vibrating higher!) It facilitates emotional healing and connects you to your divine presence or higher self that lives in all of us. The stone is found naturally in many places like the Czech Republic, Greenland, the USA, Brazil, and Madagascar to name a few. The color of Lepidolite can range anywhere from pink to violet to lilac to deep purple. Lepidolite is associated with the higher chakras. The heart, third eye and the crown chakra and aids in getting one in contact with their guides the spirits as well as getting into contact with ones own higher being and divine self. With this stone joy, peace, serenity, and love will flow from your being if you use this stone frequently in meditation.

This crystal is also perfect in working with dream work. It also will help aid in clairvoyance. Clairvoyance is the ability to see spirits, energy, and through the veils of time and space. Wearing or meditating with Lepidolite in your receptive hand (the hand you personally do not write with) to activate and strengthen this ability. Placing Lepidolite directly over your third eye for 60 minutes twice a week will also aid in this ability. Lepidolite will also produce more vivid dreams, lucid dreams or states sleep with Lepidolite under your pillow.

Lepidolite is a calming relaxing stone that will aid in relaxing your physical body and your mind. It is also a high vibrational crystal that will help you to see and feel and bring out your higher self to the forefront that is dormant inside of you. Lepidolite is a stone for everyone even for children and aids in help of loss, depression, and anxiety. Even though Lepidolite is a high vibrational stone its common purple hue makes for a delicate vibrational energy that wont disturb ones physical body or mental in a jarring way.

Have any of you used Lepidolite? Do you want to use it now after reading this blog post? Let me know!



On self love

I’ve already written a blog post (ill put link at bottom of this post) on the importance of rose quartz if you are into crystals or a beginner rose quartz is the way to go. It is definitely my favorite and always my go to when I’m feeling down. This past Mercury retrograde I struggle a lot with loving myself, insecurities, and self worth. I was looking at where I am now in life and weighing that as my worth. Not having graduated yet, the lack of relationships and friendships I have. Not being where I want to be (yet) with m art. And of course comparison. There were a lot of days where I was having panic attacks throwing my insecurities onto my relationships and messing them up and then feeling worse about myself. My anxiety was out of control. I was moody and taking it out on everyone when in truth the real problems I was having were from within.

I cannot stress how important it is to be kind to yourself. To be your own bestfriend. Talk to yourself. I realized quickly that I couldn’t keep covering up my insecurities with alcohol or distracting myself with TV or keeping myself busy so I didn’t have to do the real work within. I’m still doing this work. But I began doing it by:

  1. writing in my journal (which I have a post about that ill link as well)
  2. practicing yoga and when I say yoga I don’t mean the exercise. I mean deep breathing, deep stretches, calming feeling. What feels good for you and your body.
  3. drinking tea (it helps! and its so easy to do)
  4. eating only good things from nature like veggies and fruits  (I’m vegan so this was easy for me)
  5. going outside (get that vitamin D) taking walks.
  6. listening to binaural beats
  7. writing love notes to myself on my mirror with a dry erase marker

I mean the list goes on and on. Really anything that you like doing that isn’t bad for you or for anyone else is an act of selflove. Take a day, an hour, 5 minutes and do something that makes you feel good that is only for you! Take time to get to the bottom of those insecurities and heal them. Open your heart and let the love in.

Thinking about doing a short series on the 7 common chakras and also doing a series of posts on the less common ones. Leave comments below if you’d like for me to do these posts.

And as always love love love. IMG_0266


On dreams and self

Recently, after this very hard Mercury Retrograde of trying times. I decided to take my dreams more seriously. I have been using my crystals more specifically my rose quartz (because this retrograde kicked my ass in the selflove  department I was feeling very insecure and downright depressed) and my spirit (or cactus) quartz which have been helping me immensely with silencing my negative thoughts my fear based thoughts and I have been feeling like I live in a fucking cloud of love since the end of this retrograde. I am sure we are all happy that mercury has gone direct (especially my  fellow gemini’s since we are ruled by mercury and I always feel like mercury retrogrades kick our asses). So, in terms of my dreams I have been painting more, drawing more, writing more, I began a poetry manuscript last week cause I thought why the hell not – I’ve been writing poems for years lets just go for it and try and self publish a book by the end of the year. I’ve been feeling more like me.

Anyway, so I wanted to take this time to say. That YOU yes YOU and are filled with infinite love. Your purpose, my purpose everyone’s purpose leads back to love. If anyone needs encouragement to go after their dreams this is it. Do it. It doesn’t matter how crazy or far out there it is (unless your dreams are to hurt others) then go do it. Don’t let your fear crazed negative thoughts win. I myself suffer from anxiety I am my worst critic. I beat myself up. I makeup crazy scenarios I keep myself down at times it got to the point where at the end of this retrograde I had enough and so no more. I told my mind look we’re in this together. We became friends and I’m holding it accountable for all the negative thoughts that come my way by stopping them before they can settle in.

Loving yourself isn’t something that will happen over night. So, get ready for some hard work. Some tearful afternoons and a lot of pep talks. Where you are right now is beautiful. I read this thing and it said “you can be a masterpiece and a work in progress” and it spoke volumes. Lets all love ourselves a little harder go after our dreams and love strangers harder too it is trying times everyone just deserves love and kindness.

love love love.

The Importance of Journaling

I was going to do a crystal of the week post for this week but my spirit told me to wait on it till next week and talk about the topic of journaling.

Journaling is an old practice and is one most people have done sometime in their lives. If you struggle with your emotions and understanding them (as I do at times) or if you need more clarity in your life. Mental stability eludes you or if anxiety rules your inner life in anyway – if you need a friend or help with your spiritual self then journaling is something that’s easy and would help with all these things and more.

Like most girls growing up in the early 2000’s I kept a diary telling her about my day who I was crushing on and little details that I didn’t even think were important but journaling or keeping a diary is a sure way to have time with yourself (this is important!) and it helps you to know yourself more and have a bigger sense of self and assurance.

Writing in a journal will also help to declutter your mind your thoughts and your many feelings. Its just a helpful tool to use to help process the day to day and to reflect with your inner self and deepen the relationship between yourself and yourself (the soul the spirit).

I recently began keeping a journal again and it helps me to find five minutes at the beginning of the day to set intentions and it keeps me positive. I know what I want to accomplish everyday. And also five minutes at the end of the day to go over anything in the day that made you happy or mad or sad anything that brought anxiety whatever so that you reflect on these things and get to the why’s of these things.

Deciding to keep a journal again has helped me and it centers me. It can be a type of meditation once you get into a trance and just write it all out from the subconscious. I go back sometimes and read my journal entries and I’m surprised by what I’ve written and what I struggle with from day to day. It also helps me realize how strong I am and its a clear way of seeing how I am growing emotionally and spiritually even mentally.

Ask yourself questions in your journal. “Why does this bother me?” Get to the bottom of things. Get to the bottom of your soul. You can share certain passages of your journal with others or you can choose not to. Recently, I read about writing out your sexual fantasies and how this can help with wanting to know what I desire sexually. I did this in my journal and then I shared it with my lover. This deepened our connection. So, if some relationships in your life need work write a passage to your mom take photos of it and send it. Or simply just writing out what and why the relationship isn’t strong could help with strengthening the relationship from your end.

I don’t really journal about other people though my journal is simply for me. It is about knowing and figuring out my likes/dislikes. My desires. My goals. My dreams. Who I am who I want to be and how to get to the latter. Journaling is intentional conversation with the self and it is important to talk to yourself.

So, if any of this resonates with you; the next time you’re at the store get a nice journal that you feel connected to and some pens that glide over the paper and feel good in your hand (even a pen that’s your favorite color) (or all the colors of the rainbow // writing in different colors could help you with your chakras!!) and take 5 minutes out of your day to get better acquainted with yourself and focus on the most important relationship you’ll ever have which is the relationship you have with self.


Baby Momma

Awhile ago I was on Instagram and someone I follow had liked a text post that went something like “Sorry ladies but a ring is supposed to come before a baby – and that woman who didn’t do it in this order were living wrongly”. It was haughty – it had an air of woman who are married first before children are better. The person who posted this justified this idea by of course quoting the bible. Things like this (as a single mother with no ring) don’t bother me. But there are a few things wrong with this outlook which is why I decided to write a post about it.

The post is only directed towards women! Of course one would blame the woman in an idea as archaic as this one because a woman can have sex with herself and conceive all on her own (loll) It also reduces a union between two people to simply…. a ring.

In the comments a lot of women were agreeing with this and its always the women who feel like they are better than “baby mommas” that will agree with a male centered idea such as this one. It is one thing to want marriage and then kids for your own life – it is another thing to try and say someone else’s path is wrong. I wish women could uplift each other more I wish women would realize that their truths are not every other woman’s.

The term “baby momma” used to really bother me. Lets be honest the phrase is usually used in a negative way but lately I’ve been thinking the phrase can be taken back like so many other degrading words and phrases are beginning to be. I cannot be shamed because I’ve had a child without being married first and neither should anyone else be. Let’s change that narrative its degrading and demeaning towards women.

Does the bible say for you to be married before you have children? Yeah. It also says a whole lot of things like do not lie or steal or disobey your parents … I’m sure there is something the bible tells us not to do that we have all done. And to be honest the whole idea that marriage needs to come before kids is a old patriarchal view meant to literally keep and control women because we are the ones who can produce life. Women do not need a ring to have children if that is what she wants then that is her truth and if she doesn’t get a ring before kids that’s okay too.

These are difficult times. Weird times. Hateful times. Lets all work on not putting each other down and spreading only love.

For all of our differences we are really all the same.


This post isn’t meant to bash married women or women who want to be married before children. Its just meant to give some lovin to single mothers.




Woman Who Run With Wolves : Chapter 9

I’ve been reading “Woman Who Run With the Wolves” off and on since like October. I was reading the stories in chronological order (like beginning of the book to the end) but then decided that wasn’t very beneficial and chose a story that spoke to me and what I’m going through at the moment intuitively. Chapter 9 which is titled Homing: Returning to Oneself. This chapter or myth is about a seal woman who’s pelt is stolen from her by a lonely man and is tricked into marrying and staying with the man for 3 years or something like that – the woman and man have a child during this duration but the woman during this time is also drying out (she is loosing her lust and joy and wildish nature for life). In the story the seal woman asks for her seal skin back after the time has ended with the lonely man – he doesn’t give it to her saying that she would leave him and their child to be motherless and exclaims that she is a selfish woman. I feel like this narrative happens a lot in romantic relationships with woman. So, many times we are the giver the ones who give up time, dreams, work, hobbies, energy to be there for our men or children. And when a woman asks for some time for herself she is put down or deemed selfish, ungrateful, unfit. As women we are nurturer but many forget that we too need care. This myth resonated with me because as a new mother there are often times where I am not putting enough into myself- I end up feeling drained and tired more than I am excited and replenished from life.

“Among ethnic groups throughout the world, including many in the circumpolar region of West Africa, it is said that humans are not truly animated until the soul gives birth to the spirit (or child), tenders and nurses it, filling it up with strength”.

I want to touch on this passage from the book for a moment as a single mother in the US and with hiphop culture it has been seen almost as bad to be a mother if you aren’t married. And the responsibilities of a mother raising her child doesn’t change whether she’s single or married. There is this whole “baby mama” culture meant to put woman down for simply doing what our bodies were made to do (if we choose). It bums me out that in other cultures pregnancy and motherhood is more important and revered than it is in America. In many ways this chapter of Returning Home- of Returning to the self – was exactly like motherhood. I came from womb from woman just like everyone else on this planet has – and to go through pregnancy – to motherhood. I have come full circle I have returned to myself to my ancestors to the primitive instinctual body that is my soul.

Like most woman my age and younger the relationship I have with my mother is complicated it is not by any means where it should be. I used to believe that it wasn’t my job to fix my relationship with my mother and lately when I think about it I just don’t know how. I went through pregnancy basically on my own. I went and got Medicaid because my parents kicked me off their insurance. I went through all the psychological highs and lows on my own. So, when I think of my relationship with my daughter that’s when I realized how deep these wounds are and how deep the wounds are from my childhood stemming from my mother and her mother and her mothers mother. Somewhere (probably all the way back to slavery) the lineage of mothers mothering their daughters (especially in the African American community) got fragmented where daughters are teaching mothers how to love how to see how to be open after learning this all on their own. No one taught me how to love; not how to love myself or to love others. It took me awhile to forgive my mother but I know she did the best at her 25 years of age with two kids and being in the navy.

In this chapter there are lot of passages about this fragmented relationship between the mother and her daughter and these stories these myths aren’t being passed down in cultures anymore – how this form of storytelling could help these relationships if they were being passed down the lineage. It is intuition that is missing in the woman in the mother daughter dynamic relationship. It is storytelling. It is this innate nature in us to nurture and give until we are used up and dry (like the seal woman) and needing to go back to the water to the sea to be refreshed. It is the relationship from mother to daughter from woman to woman , sister to sister, friend to friend that will help us all to realize and reach our fullness.

Now I am just going to type out a few passages and quotes from the chapter that resonated with me and I hope they resonate with you to:

Every creature on Earth returns to home. It is ironic that we have made wildlife refuges for ibis, pelican, egret, wolf, crane, deer, mouse, moose, and bear, but not for ourselves in the places we live day after day. We understand that the loss of habitat is the most disastrous event that can occur to a free creature. We fervently point out how other creatures natural territories have become surrounded by cities, ranches, highways, noise, and other dissonance, as though we are not surrounded by the same, as though we are not affected also. We know that for creatures to live on, they must at least from time to time have a home place, a place where they both feel protected and free”.

” The health of the ego is often determined by how well one measures boundaries in the outer world, how strongly one’s identity is formed, how well one differentiates past, present, and future and how closely one’s perceptions coincide with consensual reality”.

“Do not fear “not knowing”.

“They know when they are overdue for home. Their bodies are in the here and now, but their minds are far, far away”.

“Where is home? is more complex ….but in some way it is an internal place somewhere in time rather than space, where a woman feels of one piece”.

In order to converse with the wild feminine, a woman must temporarily leave the world and inhabit a state of aloneness in the oldest sense of the word. Long ago the word alone was treated as two words, all one, To be all one meant to be wholly one , to be in oneness, either essentially or temporarily. That is precisely the goal of solitude, to be all one”.

This book is simply amazing. Don’t read it cover to cover pick which stories resonate with you in the time that you need to read them and read them learn from them and pass them on.


Crystal of the Week: Amethyst

Amethyst is the first crystal I’ve ever been in awe of – it gives off this magical mysterious “too cool” feeling. Purple has always been a color for riches and power and especially regal power – kings and queens and royalty. It was my favorite color when I was like 6. Anyway, Amethyst is a psychic stone. It is meditative, calming, cool color to a tee. It works to calm and bring peace to the emotional, physical, and spiritual planes. It brings one balance and helps one to be more patient. Amethyst being a psychic stone can enhance intuition and promote psychic awareness which helps with spiritual development. It does this by making a clear connection between the earth plane and other planes and worlds. Amethyst is also excellent for meditation and lucid dreaming. It is used to open one’s channels to telepathy, past life regression, clairaudience, clairvoyance, and communication with angels. Amethyst also protects against psychic attacks, especially during spiritual work.

Emotionally it brings emotional stability and inner peace. It promotes peace and contentment. Amethyst is also considered to be a sobriety stone. It has been used to assist in getting rid of addictions to alcohol, drugs, and smoking.

Amethyst is associated with the crown  and third eye chakra but can also aid in opening the heart chakra it is associated with both water and air elements.

When I use amethyst I always feel a lot calmer. It helps me deal with my anxiety and my stress. I have a large amethyst crystal point that  I have that just sits on the dresser in my room and knowing that its there and working its energetic magic in and through me really helps. Because amethyst is such a strong stone it doesn’t have to be worn or touched to feel its affects and healing properties.

Amethyst is one of my favorite crystals and writing this is making me want to get a smaller one to sleep with under my pillow or to get an amethyst necklace to wear. Being anxiety prone having such close contact with the calming nature of the amethyst would help anyone dealing with anxiety or mood disorders.

Amethyst also helps in facilitating inner strength and emotional stability. Amethyst is a variety of quartz and has quartz properties i.e. energizing other crystals and balancing and harmonizing one’s environment.

Overall, Amethyst and many other forms of quartz (rose, citrine, smokey, clear) are essential to any crystal collection and can help with many physical, mental, and emotional healing.

Anyone interested in crystals especially beginners should start by looking into the quartz family and finding which one’s speak to you. Quartz crystals are the most known and are usually more available than rarer crystals.

What’s your favorite quartz crystal and how does it help you with your wellness?



Started my period today and I have been feeling very irritated and frustrated with myself and with Sage. Since reading a book on Womb Wisdom I have stopped taking pain killers to alleviate the pain of cramps. Today was harder than the past 3 months I’ve been doing this. However, I think its essential to use period cycles to go within and really get in tune with yourself, body and the womb. I call my womb my bestfriend I talk to her I mediate with her I picture swirls of pink energy like clouds emitting from her and even though sometimes it is hard to have faith in things that aren’t physically attainable I do see a difference in my periods and in my overall emotional health with my body. There are so many things and rituals that can go towards womb health which is overall health since the womb is the root of the female. There are yoni eggs, yoni steams, mediation. The list goes on but the easiest thing one can do to get in touch with their feminine side and really heal their feminine is by using their period cycle to get in contact with what is deeply rooted at the core. I always see my shadow side come out more during my period and even though I struggle sometimes with accepting her and her qualities I do. One’s shadow is usually made up on qualities and characteristics that aren’t usually in the psyche all the time but lurking in the “shadows” of who one is. It is negative or mean thoughts you might have about someone or petty drama you might engage but wouldn’t on a good day. My shadow side I have noticed is not as patient or as kind with myself or with others. She agitates easily she frustrates easily. She doesn’t think about how her words sound or sting others. I am learning to embrace my shadow but also to reel her in at times so that I am conscious of when she appears.

Energy work is real. Using crystals can help during periods and during times when the shadow self gets a little out of control. For balance I usually use my rose quartz, selenite and chrysocolla.

If any of you feel out of touch with your womb with yourself deeply at your core then I suggest meditating with crystals, talking to your womb, talking to the universe – to nature, and if you are female trying to sit with your cramps next time your period comes around. Make yourself some tea lay on the floor and just breath in and out of the waves of them and intuitively feel what your body is trying to tell you.



Crystal of the Week: Moonstone

I began using my moonstone to help me sleep about a week ago. I started to using it because I kept having reoccurring dreams of me getting raped or having to fight for my life and though I know these dreams are important and need to be taken in and interpreted, I desperately wanted to stop waking up with anxiety or feeling weird.

Moonstone is a stone that is gentle, forgiving, intuitive, divine feminine energy. It helps you to become more receptive to divine guidance and creative inspiration. It softens aggressive behavior and it protects you while in dream states or on vision quests. The moonstone’s energy is the first crystal I’ve worked with in awhile that I felt matched my own energy (besides rose quartz which will always be my go to crystal) and helped me to bring out those parts of me that are hidden sometimes by the harshness that can come with reality.

My moonstone is a smaller polished stone and I would like to invest in a medium to larger sized raw form as well – but my moonstone that I have now even though it is small and not in its raw form works amazingly well. Since I began to use it for dream-work I did notice immediately that my dreams became less about fighting for my life and more about paying attention to my surroundings and feeling out my dream like situations so that the fighting part never came (intuition!!) this helped me tremendously because  I was having these crazy dreams for weeks and needed a breakthrough or some relief.

Anyway, lets get into all the emotional, mental, and physical healing this stone can bring. I think some people think that crystal work takes a lot of time (and it can it is a healing process) however you don’t have to always find quiet time or meditation time to connect and feel with your crystal moonstone (and so are a few other crystals) is gentle enough and powerful enough that you can just hold the crystal in your hand while walking, watching TV, or even while at work. Moonstone can also help you find divine love in a partner, it can help you tap into inspiration. It helps with hormonal balance. It brings hope as well as enhancing sensitivity, intuition, and psychic abilities.

Moonstone is a stone of protection. It calms a releases emotional stress and is associated with love of all kind. Moonstone will also give you a sense of peace and relaxation. The moonstone is perfect for getting in tune with your higher self and is associated primarily with the crown chakra. It helps with creativity, fertility and psychic development.

I would recommend this stone for beginners and also for those looking for specific help or peace with dream work.

Angelite/ Blue Anhydrate

I have been using my angelite all week and even sleeping with it in my hand some nights. And have found that when I do I have very vivid sometimes even really scary emotionally charged dreams. I know the stone is associated with the higher chakras and that it helps me to channel and speak to my guides and of course angels.  I have very vivid dreams anyway so I’m not sure if its a reaction from the stone or just my dreams. Other than the dreams when touching or holding Angelite I have noticed that my anxiety is lessoned which helps a lot because as an air sign my mind (thinking) can get ahold of me sometimes and I end up thinking really crazy things but I believe them even when it isn’t always true.

Angelite also relaxes me and calms my mood I feel calmer instantly when I am in contact with the stone. I even fell asleep today and napped with it on my chest underneath my shirt  and the stone really helped me to relax into a deep sleep and I didn’t have any scary dreams that I can remember. (To be honest everything I’m reading about Angelite suggests that it a very peaceful and calming stone so either the bad dreams are just my own manifestations or it is that I didn’t cleanse the stone of past energies enough before using).

Anyway, enough about dreams. Angelite or Blue Anhydrate is very helpful in contacting / communicating with angels and your own spirit guides. It is a healing stone and is beneficial in helping healing one of past issues. Angelite also relives tension, anger, stress and helps aid in emotionally difficult situations. It is associated with the throat chakra which is the chakra most readily known in dealing with communication.

I have read on various other crystal sites that Angelite should help facilitate lucid dreaming and help you to connect to the spirit world through dreams as well as the remembrance of these dreams once you have awaken. It can also help with psychic abilities such as telepathy and clairvoyance. Angelite is a stone that can help one achieve inner peace it is a serene stone. It dispels fear and anger while encouraging forgiveness. The stone is used to connect to the higher realms and to angels and spirit guides but it is also used to help aid one in connecting to their own higher self. It is also associated with the third eye chakra and the crown as these two chakras are the higher frequency chakras that we all have.

Angelite is also known to heal physical aliments such as headaches, infectious diseases, throat inflammation, thyroid issues, respiratory issues, and heart aliments.

What first attracted me to the Angelite stone was its pale blue opaque color, blue has always been my favorite color especially light sky blues or ocean blues like the Angelite’s color. Serene calm stones speak to my soul instead of my high vibrating stones cause at my core I am a very calm relaxed person. Though I did have a few issues with the Angelite stone I am ready and anxious to begin working with it again and meditating with it. And it is a crystal I think everyone should have in their collection. I will do an update post after I work with again I am currently working with a moonstone and will do a post on that in the next week.