Crystal of the Week: Lepidolite

Hi guys its been awhile but I’m going to write more frequently on my blog for the rest of the summer and probably take a hiatus in the fall as I finish my degree.

Anyway, the crystal of the week is Lepidolite! This purple crystal has quickly became a favorite of mine. I have two one that is really small about the size of a dime and a larger one about the size of a apricot. I use this mineral in meditation placing it on my third eye and have felt clearer about things that are going on in my life. I also sleep with both under my pillow at night and have had very vivid dreams with intense feeling and have even remembered more of these dreams in detail when I wake up. I have only been practicing/meditating with this mineral for about a week but already feel as if it is a positive influence in my daily practices.

“Lepidolite is calming, soothing energy that has a quieting effect on the mind and the emotions. It is excellent for sleeplessness and sleep disorders. Gently opens the third eye chakra when its being blocked by fear and resistance. Helps to relieve coughs, pain, and anxiety.”

I have been using this stone mainly in meditation to open up my third eye more so that I can listen more to intuition instead of the mind and it has been helping me immensely in doing so. I am someone who suffers a lot from anxiety especially about the future and if I’m “going the right way” in life. I also see its affects on me already in terms of relieving fear! I can be gripped by fear at times deciding to do nothing (in terms of my artwork/creativity) instead of pushing through the fear and continuing. I have seen that instead of being gripped by fear I now do push through it and paint even when I am plagued by fear.

Lepidolite is a stress relief stone. It contains lithium. It has a positive vibration that stimulates positive coincidences or synchronicity (which is a sure sign that you are vibrating higher!) It facilitates emotional healing and connects you to your divine presence or higher self that lives in all of us. The stone is found naturally in many places like the Czech Republic, Greenland, the USA, Brazil, and Madagascar to name a few. The color of Lepidolite can range anywhere from pink to violet to lilac to deep purple. Lepidolite is associated with the higher chakras. The heart, third eye and the crown chakra and aids in getting one in contact with their guides the spirits as well as getting into contact with ones own higher being and divine self. With this stone joy, peace, serenity, and love will flow from your being if you use this stone frequently in meditation.

This crystal is also perfect in working with dream work. It also will help aid in clairvoyance. Clairvoyance is the ability to see spirits, energy, and through the veils of time and space. Wearing or meditating with Lepidolite in your receptive hand (the hand you personally do not write with) to activate and strengthen this ability. Placing Lepidolite directly over your third eye for 60 minutes twice a week will also aid in this ability. Lepidolite will also produce more vivid dreams, lucid dreams or states sleep with Lepidolite under your pillow.

Lepidolite is a calming relaxing stone that will aid in relaxing your physical body and your mind. It is also a high vibrational crystal that will help you to see and feel and bring out your higher self to the forefront that is dormant inside of you. Lepidolite is a stone for everyone even for children and aids in help of loss, depression, and anxiety. Even though Lepidolite is a high vibrational stone its common purple hue makes for a delicate vibrational energy that wont disturb ones physical body or mental in a jarring way.

Have any of you used Lepidolite? Do you want to use it now after reading this blog post? Let me know!



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