On dreams and self

Recently, after this very hard Mercury Retrograde of trying times. I decided to take my dreams more seriously. I have been using my crystals more specifically my rose quartz (because this retrograde kicked my ass in the selflove  department I was feeling very insecure and downright depressed) and my spirit (or cactus) quartz which have been helping me immensely with silencing my negative thoughts my fear based thoughts and I have been feeling like I live in a fucking cloud of love since the end of this retrograde. I am sure we are all happy that mercury has gone direct (especially my  fellow gemini’s since we are ruled by mercury and I always feel like mercury retrogrades kick our asses). So, in terms of my dreams I have been painting more, drawing more, writing more, I began a poetry manuscript last week cause I thought why the hell not – I’ve been writing poems for years lets just go for it and try and self publish a book by the end of the year. I’ve been feeling more like me.

Anyway, so I wanted to take this time to say. That YOU yes YOU and are filled with infinite love. Your purpose, my purpose everyone’s purpose leads back to love. If anyone needs encouragement to go after their dreams this is it. Do it. It doesn’t matter how crazy or far out there it is (unless your dreams are to hurt others) then go do it. Don’t let your fear crazed negative thoughts win. I myself suffer from anxiety I am my worst critic. I beat myself up. I makeup crazy scenarios I keep myself down at times it got to the point where at the end of this retrograde I had enough and so no more. I told my mind look we’re in this together. We became friends and I’m holding it accountable for all the negative thoughts that come my way by stopping them before they can settle in.

Loving yourself isn’t something that will happen over night. So, get ready for some hard work. Some tearful afternoons and a lot of pep talks. Where you are right now is beautiful. I read this thing and it said “you can be a masterpiece and a work in progress” and it spoke volumes. Lets all love ourselves a little harder go after our dreams and love strangers harder too it is trying times everyone just deserves love and kindness.

love love love.


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