Crystal of the Week: Amethyst

Amethyst is the first crystal I’ve ever been in awe of – it gives off this magical mysterious “too cool” feeling. Purple has always been a color for riches and power and especially regal power – kings and queens and royalty. It was my favorite color when I was like 6. Anyway, Amethyst is a psychic stone. It is meditative, calming, cool color to a tee. It works to calm and bring peace to the emotional, physical, and spiritual planes. It brings one balance and helps one to be more patient. Amethyst being a psychic stone can enhance intuition and promote psychic awareness which helps with spiritual development. It does this by making a clear connection between the earth plane and other planes and worlds. Amethyst is also excellent for meditation and lucid dreaming. It is used to open one’s channels to telepathy, past life regression, clairaudience, clairvoyance, and communication with angels. Amethyst also protects against psychic attacks, especially during spiritual work.

Emotionally it brings emotional stability and inner peace. It promotes peace and contentment. Amethyst is also considered to be a sobriety stone. It has been used to assist in getting rid of addictions to alcohol, drugs, and smoking.

Amethyst is associated with the crown  and third eye chakra but can also aid in opening the heart chakra it is associated with both water and air elements.

When I use amethyst I always feel a lot calmer. It helps me deal with my anxiety and my stress. I have a large amethyst crystal point that  I have that just sits on the dresser in my room and knowing that its there and working its energetic magic in and through me really helps. Because amethyst is such a strong stone it doesn’t have to be worn or touched to feel its affects and healing properties.

Amethyst is one of my favorite crystals and writing this is making me want to get a smaller one to sleep with under my pillow or to get an amethyst necklace to wear. Being anxiety prone having such close contact with the calming nature of the amethyst would help anyone dealing with anxiety or mood disorders.

Amethyst also helps in facilitating inner strength and emotional stability. Amethyst is a variety of quartz and has quartz properties i.e. energizing other crystals and balancing and harmonizing one’s environment.

Overall, Amethyst and many other forms of quartz (rose, citrine, smokey, clear) are essential to any crystal collection and can help with many physical, mental, and emotional healing.

Anyone interested in crystals especially beginners should start by looking into the quartz family and finding which one’s speak to you. Quartz crystals are the most known and are usually more available than rarer crystals.

What’s your favorite quartz crystal and how does it help you with your wellness?



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