Started my period today and I have been feeling very irritated and frustrated with myself and with Sage. Since reading a book on Womb Wisdom I have stopped taking pain killers to alleviate the pain of cramps. Today was harder than the past 3 months I’ve been doing this. However, I think its essential to use period cycles to go within and really get in tune with yourself, body and the womb. I call my womb my bestfriend I talk to her I mediate with her I picture swirls of pink energy like clouds emitting from her and even though sometimes it is hard to have faith in things that aren’t physically attainable I do see a difference in my periods and in my overall emotional health with my body. There are so many things and rituals that can go towards womb health which is overall health since the womb is the root of the female. There are yoni eggs, yoni steams, mediation. The list goes on but the easiest thing one can do to get in touch with their feminine side and really heal their feminine is by using their period cycle to get in contact with what is deeply rooted at the core. I always see my shadow side come out more during my period and even though I struggle sometimes with accepting her and her qualities I do. One’s shadow is usually made up on qualities and characteristics that aren’t usually in the psyche all the time but lurking in the “shadows” of who one is. It is negative or mean thoughts you might have about someone or petty drama you might engage but wouldn’t on a good day. My shadow side I have noticed is not as patient or as kind with myself or with others. She agitates easily she frustrates easily. She doesn’t think about how her words sound or sting others. I am learning to embrace my shadow but also to reel her in at times so that I am conscious of when she appears.

Energy work is real. Using crystals can help during periods and during times when the shadow self gets a little out of control. For balance I usually use my rose quartz, selenite and chrysocolla.

If any of you feel out of touch with your womb with yourself deeply at your core then I suggest meditating with crystals, talking to your womb, talking to the universe – to nature, and if you are female trying to sit with your cramps next time your period comes around. Make yourself some tea lay on the floor and just breath in and out of the waves of them and intuitively feel what your body is trying to tell you.




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