Crystal of the Week: Moonstone

I began using my moonstone to help me sleep about a week ago. I started to using it because I kept having reoccurring dreams of me getting raped or having to fight for my life and though I know these dreams are important and need to be taken in and interpreted, I desperately wanted to stop waking up with anxiety or feeling weird.

Moonstone is a stone that is gentle, forgiving, intuitive, divine feminine energy. It helps you to become more receptive to divine guidance and creative inspiration. It softens aggressive behavior and it protects you while in dream states or on vision quests. The moonstone’s energy is the first crystal I’ve worked with in awhile that I felt matched my own energy (besides rose quartz which will always be my go to crystal) and helped me to bring out those parts of me that are hidden sometimes by the harshness that can come with reality.

My moonstone is a smaller polished stone and I would like to invest in a medium to larger sized raw form as well – but my moonstone that I have now even though it is small and not in its raw form works amazingly well. Since I began to use it for dream-work I did notice immediately that my dreams became less about fighting for my life and more about paying attention to my surroundings and feeling out my dream like situations so that the fighting part never came (intuition!!) this helped me tremendously because  I was having these crazy dreams for weeks and needed a breakthrough or some relief.

Anyway, lets get into all the emotional, mental, and physical healing this stone can bring. I think some people think that crystal work takes a lot of time (and it can it is a healing process) however you don’t have to always find quiet time or meditation time to connect and feel with your crystal moonstone (and so are a few other crystals) is gentle enough and powerful enough that you can just hold the crystal in your hand while walking, watching TV, or even while at work. Moonstone can also help you find divine love in a partner, it can help you tap into inspiration. It helps with hormonal balance. It brings hope as well as enhancing sensitivity, intuition, and psychic abilities.

Moonstone is a stone of protection. It calms a releases emotional stress and is associated with love of all kind. Moonstone will also give you a sense of peace and relaxation. The moonstone is perfect for getting in tune with your higher self and is associated primarily with the crown chakra. It helps with creativity, fertility and psychic development.

I would recommend this stone for beginners and also for those looking for specific help or peace with dream work.


Angelite/ Blue Anhydrate

I have been using my angelite all week and even sleeping with it in my hand some nights. And have found that when I do I have very vivid sometimes even really scary emotionally charged dreams. I know the stone is associated with the higher chakras and that it helps me to channel and speak to my guides and of course angels.  I have very vivid dreams anyway so I’m not sure if its a reaction from the stone or just my dreams. Other than the dreams when touching or holding Angelite I have noticed that my anxiety is lessoned which helps a lot because as an air sign my mind (thinking) can get ahold of me sometimes and I end up thinking really crazy things but I believe them even when it isn’t always true.

Angelite also relaxes me and calms my mood I feel calmer instantly when I am in contact with the stone. I even fell asleep today and napped with it on my chest underneath my shirt  and the stone really helped me to relax into a deep sleep and I didn’t have any scary dreams that I can remember. (To be honest everything I’m reading about Angelite suggests that it a very peaceful and calming stone so either the bad dreams are just my own manifestations or it is that I didn’t cleanse the stone of past energies enough before using).

Anyway, enough about dreams. Angelite or Blue Anhydrate is very helpful in contacting / communicating with angels and your own spirit guides. It is a healing stone and is beneficial in helping healing one of past issues. Angelite also relives tension, anger, stress and helps aid in emotionally difficult situations. It is associated with the throat chakra which is the chakra most readily known in dealing with communication.

I have read on various other crystal sites that Angelite should help facilitate lucid dreaming and help you to connect to the spirit world through dreams as well as the remembrance of these dreams once you have awaken. It can also help with psychic abilities such as telepathy and clairvoyance. Angelite is a stone that can help one achieve inner peace it is a serene stone. It dispels fear and anger while encouraging forgiveness. The stone is used to connect to the higher realms and to angels and spirit guides but it is also used to help aid one in connecting to their own higher self. It is also associated with the third eye chakra and the crown as these two chakras are the higher frequency chakras that we all have.

Angelite is also known to heal physical aliments such as headaches, infectious diseases, throat inflammation, thyroid issues, respiratory issues, and heart aliments.

What first attracted me to the Angelite stone was its pale blue opaque color, blue has always been my favorite color especially light sky blues or ocean blues like the Angelite’s color. Serene calm stones speak to my soul instead of my high vibrating stones cause at my core I am a very calm relaxed person. Though I did have a few issues with the Angelite stone I am ready and anxious to begin working with it again and meditating with it. And it is a crystal I think everyone should have in their collection. I will do an update post after I work with again I am currently working with a moonstone and will do a post on that in the next week.