Lavender is a flower, plant, scent, herb I’ve been obsessing about lately. I have a oil diffuser and I am constantly dropping lavender oil in it – turning it on and just allowing the whole room to be purified by its smell. When I meditate or practice yoga I spray my mat with lavender I rub cotton balls soaked in lavender oil on my face and it is instant feeling of relaxation. I also wear lavender perfume. I drink lavender kombucha I have lavender scented nail polish. Its safe to say it is my go to scent.

Lavender also has some pretty important medicinal and herbal uses. It is associated with the third eye chakra and facilitates in opening the chakra and balancing it. Lavender is used to help dissolve anxiety, treats insomnia, migraines, it also helps with menopause. It is used in teas, lotions, and tinctures. Its relaxing properties are used for more restful sleep. Its soothes sunburn as well as other burns.

Lavender in the spiritual sense is very much a yin (feminine) smell and helps aid in turning inward and increase of awareness. It is used for spiritual healing, tranquility, higher consciousness (3rd eye or crown chakra), release of energy blockages, promotes calmness, and purification.

Lavender awakens you to your true spiritual essence. It gradually aligns and integrates all of your physical and subtle aspects. With improved alignment, energetic blockages are released, life energy moves more freely, and every part of your being becomes more receptive to the influence of Spirit. As energy flows are corrected, old issues rise to the surface for resolution, and confusing symptoms often disappear. Lavender fosters awareness of your inner dimensions as it helps you become a greater vessel for Spirit.

Personally, lavender does relax and calm me. It also helps with my anxiety. Chamomile lavender tea always helps me to relax and for someone who is an air sign and water dominant my emotions and feelings can throw me 20 different places in a day – lavender has become a staple in my spirituality as well as my health. The color lavender is also a very calming color and behaves very much like the lavender plant aiding in ones spiritual development. So, go out buy a lavender plant, amethyst crystal, lavender oil, or nail polish to paint your nails. These are easy ways to infuse your life with lavender and begin to get in touch with your higher more intuitive self.




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