Something I’ve been feeling…

I want to be real tonight.

I have this problem where I compare myself to other woman a lot. I compare my journey to there’s. I get territorial. I get insecure. I’ve never had really intimate relationships with other woman – I’ve never really been around strong feminine energy and felt deeply connected. I have one friend that I have a lot in common with. But then when I went through an abortion and then pregnancy our relationship wasn’t what is could have been and now seeing her with other girl friends it makes me feel insecure sometimes and it makes me feel like I have to prove myself. Which isn’t the case. I’m learning to trust that all is well even when I’m not feeling so hot about myself all is well. I know that comparison ultimately makes me feel less than and every day I’m working on loving and trusting myself more. And knowing my worth that my place in people’s lives doesn’t have be secure – relationships change – friendships change but if I want them to change for the better then I have the ability to do so.


this was really a pep talk for myself.



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