Sun Gazing

Recently, I have become fascinated by this phenome which is sun gazing. I remember as a child staring at the sun or at least wanting to and adults always were saying things like don’t look directly at the sun it’ll make you go blind. And I instinctively remember as I’m typing this swinging really high at the playground and closing my eyes the sun would be directly in my path and I would stare eyes closed seeing orange then red and white from the inside of my lids – that feeling as I feel it now is real. It’s euphoric its something I want to experience daily.  So, I did a little research on “sun gazing” and saw that its actually beneficial to stare at the sun. Beneficial for your health and for your spirit. Sun gazing should take place either at sunrise or at sunset this is so there will be no damage done to your eyes. Sun Gazing also more known as the HRM phenomenon is a practice that was done by Hira Ratan Manek who allowed himself to be studied by NASA which showed that he was able to not eat for days because of this sun gazing technique he practiced. The tests showed that instead of needing energy from food -from regular practice of sun gazing for nine months instead he was receiving all the energy his body needed directly from the sun.

This seems a little far fetched if you haven’t researched phenomenon’s or studied energy and the SOURCE which is love and all around. Reading this however amazed me. Because humans especially Americans waste so much on consuming there’s always this need for more energy – more food- more clothes – more power – more success. But we can literally sit in the sun gaze at it and get all the energy needed to sustain our bodies. The health benefits of  sun gazing are

  • increased melatonin and serotonin (
  • improved quality of sleep
  • improved dream recall
  • increased pineal size
  • boosts energy
  • improved eyesight
  • improved endocrine health.

Sun Gazing is therapeutic. It is healing of the body and the soul. To begin sun gazing decide if you’d rather do sun rise or sun set (or both or even switchit up) then gaze at the sun for any duration of time that is good for you. Depression and negative thoughts should begin to lessen and give away. There should be an increase of balance of body and mind. There should be an improvement of eye sight almost immediately and boosts of energy.

More of my research into the HRM phenomenon even stated that sun gazing will not only heal ones body and have all these amazing benefits listed above. But it can also restore the chakras back to normal levels. The eyes are the window to the soul. So, gazing or drinking in the sun through the eyes is healing for the soul. Once you start to train your body to harness solar power you generate the energy needed to sustain your body from the sun. Whatever foods we eat are already secondary energy – whether plants or meat those things draw their energy from the sun. And it is time that we as humans begin to consciously use this practice. Also sun charged water which is simply water left in the sunlight for minutes to hours is a way to boost energy.

I recently, just started sun gazing but after doing it I already feel more inspired by life I feel more positive there’s added energy in me that I can actually feel and almost touch. It is amazing. If anyone is wanting to get in to sun gazing please please do some research on it first and then be cautious of only sun gazing when the sun is rising or setting and definitely never at the suns peak. Other than that I hope this helps any and everyone, if anyone has questions feel free to ask. And happy sun gazing!




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