Mercury Signs

The planet Mercury is the planet of intelligence and communication. Essentially it is ” I think” it is how one retains information. How one learns. How one communicates with others and how they need to be communicated with. It deals with our rational, perception, memory, speaking and writing. It is the way you see and hear and understand information. It also deals with memory. It relates to the cat like or child like curiosity that one has as well as the nervous system. Postive signs in Mercury would be ones like Gemini which ruling sign is the Mercury planet negative or opposite would be more like Cancer or Pisces. Postive traits associated with this planet are persuasiveness, charming, good speaking skills, public speaking, sharp, quick minded. While more negative traits would be restlessness, timid, critical, argumentative, sly, cunning even manipulative. Overall whichever sign you have in your planet Mercury will help you to be able to know how you personally communicate so you can communicate better with others and communicate better with yourself. If your Mercury sign is strong it will be seen in the more positive traits and a intellectual mind. 


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