Moon signs 

A lot of astrologers believe that the moon sign is just as important as the sun sign. Particularly because the moon is what rules the night and of course there’s day (sun) and night (moon) which equally people live and feel through in life. It is essentially “I feel”. So, the moon sign is the inner you in some aspects. It is your feelings, your emotions. How you process your feelings and emotions. It is said sometimes that the moon sign rules your personality while your sun sign rules your individuality. Both are equally important however very few people know their moon signs opposed to their sun. The reason being is that you can determine your sun sign just by knowing your date of birth your moon sign (and other planetary signs) must be determined by knowing the exact time you were born and it also depends on the exact location. Mostly, the moon sign deals with inner things so it is the sign that you personally see in yourself as opposed to the sun sign being what others might see in you. People who are close to you or people you live with will see your moon sign characteristics in you. It is how you nurture and care for others as well as yourself. Sometimes your moon sign might not align with who you think you are but the feelings from whatever your moon sign is are true to you. You cannot define a person just by their sun sign because the moon sign adds to and balances your sun. You equally feel both so as a Gemini sun people may think I’m a super outgoing extrovert but my  Capricorn moon makes me more reserved than most. The symbol is also a sign of femininity and fertility. It is the sign that one associated with their mother and women in general. For men the moon sign is a direct relation for the type of woman who can meet his needs (if compatible). 


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