Sun signs 

Mostly everyone knows there’s sun sign. Because it is mainly what horoscopes tend to focus on which is why so many people aren’t into or believe in astrology. Anyway, from a young age I’ve been into horoscopes so I knew everything about my sun sign Gemini. I knew that I was an air sign and I knew the positives and negative stereotypes associated with the sign. I knew that the opposite / sister sign was Sagittarius and I knew that I was a muteable sign and Gemini was ruled by Mercury the planet of communication. I even knew of some famous Gemini’s so I probably know more than the average about their sun sign but what’s tricky about horoscopes and sun signs is that they don’t give you the full picture. Think about astrology and the planets as your body. The sun sign is the head or your face. And the neck is the moon and the rising sign is the shoulders and Mercury is the chest and so fourth so yes the sun sign might be the most important sign (depending on who you talk to) but the other planets and signs in your chart support the whole. 

Yes, the sun sign is as people say the very essence of who you are. It’s what sign the sun is in in the sky when you are born. The sun passes through these 12 zodiac signs that are in relation with the 12 months throughout the year. It takes the sun roughly 3 1/2- 4 weeks to move through each sign.  

Back to sun signs, your sun represents a persons will. It directs or is in charge of the other aspects of you (remember supporting!) it is the part of you that is unchanging, the part of you that is at your core. So in away your sun sign can be seen as the soul of your birth chart. However, remember that the sun sign while is a fundamental part of your birth chart what house (will be talked about later) your sun sign is in as well as what element is the most dominant in your chart, your rising sign and moon sign are also all fundamental. As well as looking into different aspects of your personality that are in relation to the planets and the signs that are in your chart. 

Hope this was helpful! Next will be a post about moon signs. 


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