Okay so this will probably be a continued topic on my blog. 

But I just wanted to start the conversation of astrology. So, I’ve always been into horoscopes I use this term loosely because I always was just into my sun sign and others. Recently, about a year ago I began to actually look into astrology and then suddenly there were moon signs and riding signs sand signs for every planet that rule a different part of ones personality composition. I did a few natal charts and learned about all of this quickly. 

My sun sign: Gemini. Your sun sign generally represents you. The sun stands for “I am” so it literally translates into your ego, the inner you, your essence. 

Your moon sign is “I feel” it is your emotions. It is the sign that is what others see. It’s the part that you see as well. It is your mood, your instinctual reaction to things and people. 

Your Mercury sign is “I think” basically it is the sign of communication. 

Venus is “I love” it is how you express affection and the tel of people you draw to yourself. 

And that’s as far as I’ll go since this is just an introduction and a very basic one at that. This is so broad and I’d like to talk deeper about each planet and what they mean in association to whatever zodiac sign you may have in your chart by using my own chart and personal experiences as a guide. 

The rising sign is the mask we all have when we meet others but the rising sign I think is just as important as the sun or moon signs in a chart. Because I think the rising sign is our instinctual sign which means it’s how we react first which could meant that it’s our truest reaction/form unfiltered. 

All of these planets and the signs that are in your natal chart. Make up a full graph or chart of a person charteristics but it’s important not to look at your signs all as separate entities. You are a blended version of this. We are all dual in nature. That’s how a person can be a Gemini sun and labeled as talkative and outgoing but could have a rising sign in Scorpio and be reserved and moody. It’s all a big molding and melting of all of these subtle charteristics that make up a personality. 

Personally, I am a Gemini sun, Capricorn moon and a Scorpio rising. Because of my own personality and the way I see myself I would say I am very positive and even friendly/ talkative on the outside. But my rising and moon signs most often have me feeling very reserved,unsure, and even detached from others (sometimes) on the inside. 

Astrology and birth charts are helpful in understanding how and why you feel the way you do. The way you communicate the way you love and want to be loved. And even help with the balancing out of inner and outer that so many of us crave. Knowing the “why” about the things you do,think, and feel. Is very important to understanding oneself. 


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