James Blake: Concert Experience

Last Wednesday I went to my first ever concert. I went with my longtime friend and old roommate and a newer friend. I wasn’t expecting the concert or the music to be that great or even to have a good time. I had these sort of negative thoughts because I’m not exactly a James Blake fan, I know the popular songs like retrograde and overgrown. But that’s about it I didn’t even know James Blake was British lol. We all got “double wine” before the concert and drank throughout the first half so I was really buzzed during the concert but that didn’t take away from how good of an experience it turned out to be. 

I don’t even know how to describe the experience or what I felt. It was magical to say the least. The mood, the atmosphere, the vibes everything was in synch and I felt myself fall away and just feel. It’s weird like I was in some sort of trance or meditative state. And we danced and sang even to the songs we didn’t know. And it just felt so surreal even the images that were projected and just everything. This one girl even turned to me and my friend and said we were her favorite people at the concert. It was just one of the most magical experiences ever. And once the music stopped I felt that magic began to leave but it’s a memory I will cherish for along long time. And a feeling that I can feel at the root of my being.  Photo cred: my friend Kym. 


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