How to Remain Calm 

So, today I had a few trying situations while I was out running errands that normally would have led me to take shit personally and to start to behave in a low vibration or negative way. 

I bought these pink glasses from eyebuydirect last week and when they came I realized how pink they were and decided I didn’t like them with my skin tone. Anyway, so I went to return them today at the post office (something I’ve never done before) and was immediately thrown off by the service that was given from people being very vague in there customer service and responding to my questions. I talked to 3 different people before actually being helped. When I spoke to the woman I told her I needed to return the glasses to the sender to which she responded I get an envelope – there was no type of envelope or even what size to get. Pay attention to people who actually want to help and people who just look like they are helping. So I then was like why can’t I just mail it back in the box. I went to another person a man and asked this to which he said I could I just needed a new label. Well where are the labels? By this time I’m confused as fuck and my anxiety is starting to kick in. So I walked outside for a moment thinking f this I’ll just keep the glasses. But then I was finally like no try again. So, I went back in and a different man helped and he started off with lets see what we can do about this. Thank you!!! Finally someone who was actually willing to help. He says you need an envelope and he proceeds to go get me one! The lady next to him who I had spoken to before rudely comments I told her that. Normally I would respond to this in two ways 1. Not respond at all 2. Take it personally and cuss somebody out. Now personally the way I’ve not been allowing fear to rule me or my words I probably would’ve cussed her out. But the new and improved 2.0 and all about positivity Samantha quickly thought of my options. 

Both of these responses are wrong. One because you are allowing that person to speak negatively into your being. And because of my poor me control drama I would’ve then felt bad or as if I was wrong later in reflection. And of course cussing someone out is wrong because I would then be playing into this persons control drama and meeting it with hostility and anger. Instead my response to the the woman was just that I’d never mailed a package back before and was unsure of what to do and all I needed was a little help. She didn’t respond. 

Anyway, the man who did help me helped me fill out the label and everything and I was able to have the glasses mailed back. So, in conclusion don’t play into people. Don’t respond negatively (or not at all out of fear) instead remain calm and positive without giving the other person any control remain in your light and your own personal bubble of positivity. 


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