Citrine is a stone I was introduced to about 2 years ago by my daughters father. It was a stone I instantly gravitated towards I was pregnant and would sleep with it in my hand because it gave me a sense of everything is going to be okay. This yellowish golden sometimes with white or clear coloring is a stone associated with the solar plexus chakra which is all about self esteem, self worth, good relationships with yourself and others. It is a crystal that naturally repeals negative energy and cannot asorb it. Citrine is a bright stone not only in color but also in energy. It lights up or brings positivity to many parts of ones life who uses it. It is also often thought of as a success stone. Bringing success and prosperity to those who carry it. It is about personal power and energy but also about generosity and sharing the abundance of success or prosperity with those around you. 

It clears unwanted energy. It brings hope. It is good for protection. 

I talked about clearing energy from your stones or crystals in the selenite post which is usually done by washing your crystals in salt water or leaving your crystals in sun or moonlight for 24 hours. However, citrine doesn’t need this because it doesn’t asorb or is effected by negative energies. It can clear negative energy from the aura and I’d useful for mediation, and spiritual development. 

It enhances mental clarity and confidence. It is used to dissipate fear of being alone and unworthy of love. It brings happiness, increased creativity, and honesty. It can relieve depression, self doubt, anger, and mood swings.  

It can be used to heal traumas and heighten sensuality and sexuality so it can also help with any sexual issue one might be facing. 

Citrine is in the quartz family. And is defiently a crystal that should be in any beginners and advanced collectors of crystal collections. 

Personally, I had stopped focusing and using my citrine so much it is a stone that is easily forgotten about (to me) but doing this write up on its properties and healing properties has brought my citrine back out and functioning with me in my every day to day. 


Rose Quartz 

Rose Quartz is a dear crystal to me. I wouldn’t say it’s my favorite but it’s the crystal that I have the most experience with. I had my first rose quartz at 13 and had it all the way up till I was 22 and lost it. I even made it into an earring so it was always close to me. Anyway, rose quartz for me help me feel safe, clear, and grounded. The stone of love. Gentle not only in its pink color but in its qualities it is often a crystal that children (my daughter included) are drawn to. Rose Quartz is especially good for healing fears, phobias, trauma and abuse. It is said to also be useful F for bringing about quiet sleep. 

It is associated with the earth element and especially the astrology sign Taurus. Often called the crystal of love it is also used to open the heart chakra. It is a crystal for self-love. It has a very high energy that can add love to any situation whether intimate or platonic. 

It is used to relieve stress as well as headaches. It can also be used to ease anxiety. Because it is a stone that helps balance the emotions and bring one a sense of peace and calm. It enables one to see the good in them self as well as others. 

Personally, I sleep with my rose quartz under my pillow I have a few different rose quartz crystals. A smaller one I used to wear as a ring, a medium sized pyramid, and a yoni egg. It has helped me tremendously to open up my heart and myself to love, loving myself, forgiveness and healing. It also gives me a sense of security and protection easily making it a gentle yet strong crystal and one that every newcomer as well as crystal enthusiast should have in their collection. 

Book Review: Celestine Prophecy

When I was a kid I read a lot of books and I mean 50 books a summer type of deal. But rarely has a book changed my life if ever. 

It took me a little over a month to finish the book because I was going through so much of my own spiritual journey and processing thoughts and ideals that the book itself talked about. 

The book follows a main character who is never named but is always in first person (narrator). So that it seems like you are in the story and this is your own personal journey. The main character goes on this journey that involves these 9 insights that he and the people he meets along the way uncover together. These nine insights are really nine veils of the soul that are meant to help one become conscious of their own spirit and to evolve that sense of spirit and awareness of self. The book is action paced. And it helps to unveil  how there are no coincidences in life it also allows the reader to access that everything happens for a reason. That the very place and space you are in now serves a purpose. That the people you meet and connect with have lessons for you. 

If you are a spiritual person – want to be a spiritual person or at the beginning of your journey and confused about some things this book is for you because these nine insights are clearly explained in the book and dialogue between characters and scenes helps one to piece together things that have happened in ones own life. 

Later I will also do a brief take on what each insight means to me with examples from my own life.