Sun Gazing

Recently, I have become fascinated by this phenome which is sun gazing. I remember as a child staring at the sun or at least wanting to and adults always were saying things like don’t look directly at the sun it’ll make you go blind. And I instinctively remember as I’m typing this swinging really high at the playground and closing my eyes the sun would be directly in my path and I would stare eyes closed seeing orange then red and white from the inside of my lids – that feeling as I feel it now is real. It’s euphoric its something I want to experience daily.  So, I did a little research on “sun gazing” and saw that its actually beneficial to stare at the sun. Beneficial for your health and for your spirit. Sun gazing should take place either at sunrise or at sunset this is so there will be no damage done to your eyes. Sun Gazing also more known as the HRM phenomenon is a practice that was done by Hira Ratan Manek who allowed himself to be studied by NASA which showed that he was able to not eat for days because of this sun gazing technique he practiced. The tests showed that instead of needing energy from food -from regular practice of sun gazing for nine months instead he was receiving all the energy his body needed directly from the sun.

This seems a little far fetched if you haven’t researched phenomenon’s or studied energy and the SOURCE which is love and all around. Reading this however amazed me. Because humans especially Americans waste so much on consuming there’s always this need for more energy – more food- more clothes – more power – more success. But we can literally sit in the sun gaze at it and get all the energy needed to sustain our bodies. The health benefits of  sun gazing are

  • increased melatonin and serotonin (
  • improved quality of sleep
  • improved dream recall
  • increased pineal size
  • boosts energy
  • improved eyesight
  • improved endocrine health.

Sun Gazing is therapeutic. It is healing of the body and the soul. To begin sun gazing decide if you’d rather do sun rise or sun set (or both or even switchit up) then gaze at the sun for any duration of time that is good for you. Depression and negative thoughts should begin to lessen and give away. There should be an increase of balance of body and mind. There should be an improvement of eye sight almost immediately and boosts of energy.

More of my research into the HRM phenomenon even stated that sun gazing will not only heal ones body and have all these amazing benefits listed above. But it can also restore the chakras back to normal levels. The eyes are the window to the soul. So, gazing or drinking in the sun through the eyes is healing for the soul. Once you start to train your body to harness solar power you generate the energy needed to sustain your body from the sun. Whatever foods we eat are already secondary energy – whether plants or meat those things draw their energy from the sun. And it is time that we as humans begin to consciously use this practice. Also sun charged water which is simply water left in the sunlight for minutes to hours is a way to boost energy.

I recently, just started sun gazing but after doing it I already feel more inspired by life I feel more positive there’s added energy in me that I can actually feel and almost touch. It is amazing. If anyone is wanting to get in to sun gazing please please do some research on it first and then be cautious of only sun gazing when the sun is rising or setting and definitely never at the suns peak. Other than that I hope this helps any and everyone, if anyone has questions feel free to ask. And happy sun gazing!





Citrine is a stone I was introduced to about 2 years ago by my daughters father. It was a stone I instantly gravitated towards I was pregnant and would sleep with it in my hand because it gave me a sense of everything is going to be okay. This yellowish golden sometimes with white or clear coloring is a stone associated with the solar plexus chakra which is all about self esteem, self worth, good relationships with yourself and others. It is a crystal that naturally repeals negative energy and cannot asorb it. Citrine is a bright stone not only in color but also in energy. It lights up or brings positivity to many parts of ones life who uses it. It is also often thought of as a success stone. Bringing success and prosperity to those who carry it. It is about personal power and energy but also about generosity and sharing the abundance of success or prosperity with those around you. 

It clears unwanted energy. It brings hope. It is good for protection. 

I talked about clearing energy from your stones or crystals in the selenite post which is usually done by washing your crystals in salt water or leaving your crystals in sun or moonlight for 24 hours. However, citrine doesn’t need this because it doesn’t asorb or is effected by negative energies. It can clear negative energy from the aura and I’d useful for mediation, and spiritual development. 

It enhances mental clarity and confidence. It is used to dissipate fear of being alone and unworthy of love. It brings happiness, increased creativity, and honesty. It can relieve depression, self doubt, anger, and mood swings.  

It can be used to heal traumas and heighten sensuality and sexuality so it can also help with any sexual issue one might be facing. 

Citrine is in the quartz family. And is defiently a crystal that should be in any beginners and advanced collectors of crystal collections. 

Personally, I had stopped focusing and using my citrine so much it is a stone that is easily forgotten about (to me) but doing this write up on its properties and healing properties has brought my citrine back out and functioning with me in my every day to day. 

Mercury Signs

The planet Mercury is the planet of intelligence and communication. Essentially it is ” I think” it is how one retains information. How one learns. How one communicates with others and how they need to be communicated with. It deals with our rational, perception, memory, speaking and writing. It is the way you see and hear and understand information. It also deals with memory. It relates to the cat like or child like curiosity that one has as well as the nervous system. Postive signs in Mercury would be ones like Gemini which ruling sign is the Mercury planet negative or opposite would be more like Cancer or Pisces. Postive traits associated with this planet are persuasiveness, charming, good speaking skills, public speaking, sharp, quick minded. While more negative traits would be restlessness, timid, critical, argumentative, sly, cunning even manipulative. Overall whichever sign you have in your planet Mercury will help you to be able to know how you personally communicate so you can communicate better with others and communicate better with yourself. If your Mercury sign is strong it will be seen in the more positive traits and a intellectual mind. 

Rose Quartz 

Rose Quartz is a dear crystal to me. I wouldn’t say it’s my favorite but it’s the crystal that I have the most experience with. I had my first rose quartz at 13 and had it all the way up till I was 22 and lost it. I even made it into an earring so it was always close to me. Anyway, rose quartz for me help me feel safe, clear, and grounded. The stone of love. Gentle not only in its pink color but in its qualities it is often a crystal that children (my daughter included) are drawn to. Rose Quartz is especially good for healing fears, phobias, trauma and abuse. It is said to also be useful F for bringing about quiet sleep. 

It is associated with the earth element and especially the astrology sign Taurus. Often called the crystal of love it is also used to open the heart chakra. It is a crystal for self-love. It has a very high energy that can add love to any situation whether intimate or platonic. 

It is used to relieve stress as well as headaches. It can also be used to ease anxiety. Because it is a stone that helps balance the emotions and bring one a sense of peace and calm. It enables one to see the good in them self as well as others. 

Personally, I sleep with my rose quartz under my pillow I have a few different rose quartz crystals. A smaller one I used to wear as a ring, a medium sized pyramid, and a yoni egg. It has helped me tremendously to open up my heart and myself to love, loving myself, forgiveness and healing. It also gives me a sense of security and protection easily making it a gentle yet strong crystal and one that every newcomer as well as crystal enthusiast should have in their collection. 

Moon signs 

A lot of astrologers believe that the moon sign is just as important as the sun sign. Particularly because the moon is what rules the night and of course there’s day (sun) and night (moon) which equally people live and feel through in life. It is essentially “I feel”. So, the moon sign is the inner you in some aspects. It is your feelings, your emotions. How you process your feelings and emotions. It is said sometimes that the moon sign rules your personality while your sun sign rules your individuality. Both are equally important however very few people know their moon signs opposed to their sun. The reason being is that you can determine your sun sign just by knowing your date of birth your moon sign (and other planetary signs) must be determined by knowing the exact time you were born and it also depends on the exact location. Mostly, the moon sign deals with inner things so it is the sign that you personally see in yourself as opposed to the sun sign being what others might see in you. People who are close to you or people you live with will see your moon sign characteristics in you. It is how you nurture and care for others as well as yourself. Sometimes your moon sign might not align with who you think you are but the feelings from whatever your moon sign is are true to you. You cannot define a person just by their sun sign because the moon sign adds to and balances your sun. You equally feel both so as a Gemini sun people may think I’m a super outgoing extrovert but my  Capricorn moon makes me more reserved than most. The symbol is also a sign of femininity and fertility. It is the sign that one associated with their mother and women in general. For men the moon sign is a direct relation for the type of woman who can meet his needs (if compatible). 

Sun signs 

Mostly everyone knows there’s sun sign. Because it is mainly what horoscopes tend to focus on which is why so many people aren’t into or believe in astrology. Anyway, from a young age I’ve been into horoscopes so I knew everything about my sun sign Gemini. I knew that I was an air sign and I knew the positives and negative stereotypes associated with the sign. I knew that the opposite / sister sign was Sagittarius and I knew that I was a muteable sign and Gemini was ruled by Mercury the planet of communication. I even knew of some famous Gemini’s so I probably know more than the average about their sun sign but what’s tricky about horoscopes and sun signs is that they don’t give you the full picture. Think about astrology and the planets as your body. The sun sign is the head or your face. And the neck is the moon and the rising sign is the shoulders and Mercury is the chest and so fourth so yes the sun sign might be the most important sign (depending on who you talk to) but the other planets and signs in your chart support the whole. 

Yes, the sun sign is as people say the very essence of who you are. It’s what sign the sun is in in the sky when you are born. The sun passes through these 12 zodiac signs that are in relation with the 12 months throughout the year. It takes the sun roughly 3 1/2- 4 weeks to move through each sign.  

Back to sun signs, your sun represents a persons will. It directs or is in charge of the other aspects of you (remember supporting!) it is the part of you that is unchanging, the part of you that is at your core. So in away your sun sign can be seen as the soul of your birth chart. However, remember that the sun sign while is a fundamental part of your birth chart what house (will be talked about later) your sun sign is in as well as what element is the most dominant in your chart, your rising sign and moon sign are also all fundamental. As well as looking into different aspects of your personality that are in relation to the planets and the signs that are in your chart. 

Hope this was helpful! Next will be a post about moon signs. 


Okay so this will probably be a continued topic on my blog. 

But I just wanted to start the conversation of astrology. So, I’ve always been into horoscopes I use this term loosely because I always was just into my sun sign and others. Recently, about a year ago I began to actually look into astrology and then suddenly there were moon signs and riding signs sand signs for every planet that rule a different part of ones personality composition. I did a few natal charts and learned about all of this quickly. 

My sun sign: Gemini. Your sun sign generally represents you. The sun stands for “I am” so it literally translates into your ego, the inner you, your essence. 

Your moon sign is “I feel” it is your emotions. It is the sign that is what others see. It’s the part that you see as well. It is your mood, your instinctual reaction to things and people. 

Your Mercury sign is “I think” basically it is the sign of communication. 

Venus is “I love” it is how you express affection and the tel of people you draw to yourself. 

And that’s as far as I’ll go since this is just an introduction and a very basic one at that. This is so broad and I’d like to talk deeper about each planet and what they mean in association to whatever zodiac sign you may have in your chart by using my own chart and personal experiences as a guide. 

The rising sign is the mask we all have when we meet others but the rising sign I think is just as important as the sun or moon signs in a chart. Because I think the rising sign is our instinctual sign which means it’s how we react first which could meant that it’s our truest reaction/form unfiltered. 

All of these planets and the signs that are in your natal chart. Make up a full graph or chart of a person charteristics but it’s important not to look at your signs all as separate entities. You are a blended version of this. We are all dual in nature. That’s how a person can be a Gemini sun and labeled as talkative and outgoing but could have a rising sign in Scorpio and be reserved and moody. It’s all a big molding and melting of all of these subtle charteristics that make up a personality. 

Personally, I am a Gemini sun, Capricorn moon and a Scorpio rising. Because of my own personality and the way I see myself I would say I am very positive and even friendly/ talkative on the outside. But my rising and moon signs most often have me feeling very reserved,unsure, and even detached from others (sometimes) on the inside. 

Astrology and birth charts are helpful in understanding how and why you feel the way you do. The way you communicate the way you love and want to be loved. And even help with the balancing out of inner and outer that so many of us crave. Knowing the “why” about the things you do,think, and feel. Is very important to understanding oneself. 

James Blake: Concert Experience

Last Wednesday I went to my first ever concert. I went with my longtime friend and old roommate and a newer friend. I wasn’t expecting the concert or the music to be that great or even to have a good time. I had these sort of negative thoughts because I’m not exactly a James Blake fan, I know the popular songs like retrograde and overgrown. But that’s about it I didn’t even know James Blake was British lol. We all got “double wine” before the concert and drank throughout the first half so I was really buzzed during the concert but that didn’t take away from how good of an experience it turned out to be. 

I don’t even know how to describe the experience or what I felt. It was magical to say the least. The mood, the atmosphere, the vibes everything was in synch and I felt myself fall away and just feel. It’s weird like I was in some sort of trance or meditative state. And we danced and sang even to the songs we didn’t know. And it just felt so surreal even the images that were projected and just everything. This one girl even turned to me and my friend and said we were her favorite people at the concert. It was just one of the most magical experiences ever. And once the music stopped I felt that magic began to leave but it’s a memory I will cherish for along long time. And a feeling that I can feel at the root of my being.  Photo cred: my friend Kym. 

How to Remain Calm 

So, today I had a few trying situations while I was out running errands that normally would have led me to take shit personally and to start to behave in a low vibration or negative way. 

I bought these pink glasses from eyebuydirect last week and when they came I realized how pink they were and decided I didn’t like them with my skin tone. Anyway, so I went to return them today at the post office (something I’ve never done before) and was immediately thrown off by the service that was given from people being very vague in there customer service and responding to my questions. I talked to 3 different people before actually being helped. When I spoke to the woman I told her I needed to return the glasses to the sender to which she responded I get an envelope – there was no type of envelope or even what size to get. Pay attention to people who actually want to help and people who just look like they are helping. So I then was like why can’t I just mail it back in the box. I went to another person a man and asked this to which he said I could I just needed a new label. Well where are the labels? By this time I’m confused as fuck and my anxiety is starting to kick in. So I walked outside for a moment thinking f this I’ll just keep the glasses. But then I was finally like no try again. So, I went back in and a different man helped and he started off with lets see what we can do about this. Thank you!!! Finally someone who was actually willing to help. He says you need an envelope and he proceeds to go get me one! The lady next to him who I had spoken to before rudely comments I told her that. Normally I would respond to this in two ways 1. Not respond at all 2. Take it personally and cuss somebody out. Now personally the way I’ve not been allowing fear to rule me or my words I probably would’ve cussed her out. But the new and improved 2.0 and all about positivity Samantha quickly thought of my options. 

Both of these responses are wrong. One because you are allowing that person to speak negatively into your being. And because of my poor me control drama I would’ve then felt bad or as if I was wrong later in reflection. And of course cussing someone out is wrong because I would then be playing into this persons control drama and meeting it with hostility and anger. Instead my response to the the woman was just that I’d never mailed a package back before and was unsure of what to do and all I needed was a little help. She didn’t respond. 

Anyway, the man who did help me helped me fill out the label and everything and I was able to have the glasses mailed back. So, in conclusion don’t play into people. Don’t respond negatively (or not at all out of fear) instead remain calm and positive without giving the other person any control remain in your light and your own personal bubble of positivity. 

Control Drama’s

I read about this specific idea in the Celestine Prophecy. It explains that everyone has a way that they act when they try to control a situation or another person in order to gain energy back. There are four different control drama categories. The four dramas are:

1. Interagator

2. Intimidator

3. Poor me attitude

4. Aloof

From the Celestine Prophecy there is this notion that we all have one of these that we implement in order to get energy to come to us. As people play into someone else’s control drama they give that person there full attention and this sends that person their energy to the one whose control drama is being used. The first step is to figure out which control drama it is that you tend to use the most which one seems the most natural to you. Let me break down the four first.

Interrogators of course use their control drama to ask questions but the answers they want to these questions are already in their heads. So, if a person answers “wrongly” they will continue to berate that person with more questions or chastise that person for not having the right answer. Interrogators can be very critical people. The feeling you get from people who use this control drama is a feeling of being drained and as if you can never do anything right. Interrogators would not have received much attention from parental figures unless they relentlessly asked them questions getting them to communicate with them.

I personally was raised by a mother who is very much an interrogator. I remember her asking questions all the time- instead of natural flowing dialogue it was a lot of times forced or not at all. I still find myself being very aloof at times when she asks me questions because the answers to them were never enough or followed by another question. Growing up this led to me questioning myself and led to me mistrusting myself.

Intimidators are the most aggressive control drama. The user will try to scare you into playing into their control of the relationship. The manipulation of this control drama can lead to violence as the intimidator will even go as far as harming you to control you or a situation. Aggression and attitude – anger is often what one will feel when dealing with someone who is ruled by this control drama. Usually the only way an intimidator could gain energy as child from parental figures is from lashing out and anger.

Poor Me control drama is very passive. People who are poor me manipulate by getting others to feel sorry for them this allows them to get sympathy from others and this sympathy in turn gives them energy. It also makes you and the person in the poor me drama connect on an emotional level which connects the two people involved. Again a person with a poor me control drama was likely to not receive attention or energy from parental figures unless they received it in from some sort of sympathy from being hurt or something along those lines.

Aloof control drama makes people to play into the game by being mysterious acting distant and unreadable therefore luring the other person involved into wanting to connect with them. This allows for the person playing into it this drama to give all their attention to the person using this drama. A person who is aloof will give vague answers or comments in a conversation giving little to no detail saying only things like “I had class”  but never any specifics. To see if someone is playing this game with you or is just uninterested is if they respond vaguely and you walk away or change the subject that will be the end of it however an aloof person will try and pull you back in by giving you just a little bit more information getting you interested again in the original question or dialogue.

In order to really know which control drama is the main one you specifically identify with and use the most one must first figure out what control dramas their parents used because this push and pull of energy from your parents or parental figures is what then in turn creates a control drama in the child or children associated. As I stated before my mom is very much an interrogator however my dad is a little harder to feel out I think his drama is somewhere between intimidator and interrogator. Mostly, intimidator. Like most black men my dad was raised and brought up thinking emotions were not masculine he in turn ruled over us in a very strict way. I know that my father loves me and my siblings there weren’t ever times I feared for my life but there were times I did feel that aggression and scare tactics that are associated with the intimidator control drama. It was always his way or no way there was no in between.He didn’t believe in children having opinions. Having an interrogator mom and an intimidator father led me to be aloof and have a poor me dominant control drama.

I know that poor me is my dominant control drama because when I can drag someone into feeling sympathy for me or someone into wanting to protect me whether the danger is real or imagined I feel loved because I’m receiving that attention and energy from others. I noticed that I specifically do this in my romantic relationships while in my other relationships with family or friends I tend to be aloof. A lot of times because the masculine energy towards me (from my father) was aggressive I tend to want (need) in some ways loving energy from men (hence the poor little me drama) while with females I tend to be aloof and hold my female relationships at a distance as to not be criticized  like I was with my mother.

The first step to not feeding into or using your own control drama to manipulate people to be aware of your own drama once you are aware become conscious of how you react when you aren’t getting your way or feel like you don’t have control. Vice versa pay attention to when you feel drained or unsure when dealing with others. And pay attention to the energy you feel in your interactions this will help you to recognize others control dramas and not give into the drama.

The reason for control dramas in the first place is a lacking of energy. People use these devices to gain back energy however there is an abundance of energy for everyone that is found in the source once we all become aware of this the take of control will fall away and we will all then have all the energy we all need coming from the source but one must first tap into it. The source is many things for different people whether it is God, nature, creativity. There is an abundance of energy at our fingertips that is love if we become aware the need to manipulate and control others will fall away..