Root Chakra: Update

A few weeks ago I started the healing process for my root chakra and wanted to update on my progress! I’m doing a yoga challenge this month to practice daily that is one thing I believe will help me with balancing all my chakras but there are specific yoga poses that pair with each chakra. I haven’t exactly had a breakthrough or lightbulb – spiritual moment that I’ve been hoping (and still waiting) for but I’m sure it will happen one day. I am however making it a paint to be one with nature since the root chakra is closely associated with rooting yourself and grounding yourself literally to Mother Earth. I make it a point to walk barefoot through grass, dirt as much as possible and to imagine roots forming from the soles of my feet and going into the earth. Also when I’m outside I allow myself to take in and notice nature to be present and involved with looking and feeling nature. I also sit in goddess pose a lot during the day to open up my hips since the lower back / abdomen is were the root chakra is. All of these things are allowing me to be more aware and is allowing me to actively heal and be in constant dialogue with myself and my root chakra. I’ve yet to move on to the sacral chakra because I feel like my breath though hasn’t happened. But just taking this process one day at a time. 

How do you get in touch with your root chakra? Are your chakras aligned? 

Leave comments below! 


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