New Moon 

Not having a period for a year then suddenly getting it back is weird. But it’s the good kind of weird like cheddar and caramel popcorn.I used to hate my cycle. I started like most girls at 13. And wasn’t really educated about the the power that is in having a cycle. Or even the importance of having a cycle at all. Who knew a women actually needed this?  I used to count the days till it was over. And I was dramatic about not being a friend to my cycle.

 Once in high school I felt so uncomfortable my cramps hurt so bad that I started crying and my mom picked me up from school. 

I never took the time to look up the magic in a cycle. The actual cycle part of an egg leaving out and not being fertilized. I still don’t know much. I’m learning though to love and research the parts of me I have shamed and neglected. To know my body from the inside. What it needs to feel good, what it needs to thrive. While my body was creating life I didn’t need a cycle. Since sage has been born though I have felt incomplete in some ways like part of me is missing and I finally realize it was this. 

Now being without it for so long. Having my cycle is like welcoming back an old friend. I really do feel balanced out. I feel lighter than I have in days, in weeks and months even. 

I just feel like my blood is leaving and love is filling in its place. My baby is growing I’m growing. I feel good. 


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