Day 2 Root chakra 

Reflecting on yesterday,  

Yesterday was pretty intense as far as digging into myself and awknowleding where I need to work on myself. Worrying about who is right or wrong in situations placing blame will get me know where. Everyone has room for improvement including myself. 

Anyway, after yesterday’s walk I took a trip to Home Depot so I could finally start my garden. There was this one plant in particular pineapple sage that I wanted to get but didn’t but my spirit is telling me to go back and get. The plants I did get were a tomato plant, lavender, and sweet basil. 

As I was reading about root chakras and things I could do to help balance my root the one that stood out to me the most was gardening. Gardening is a hobby I’ve wanted to start for a long time and even had started last year when I was pregnant but I was so depressed that I didn’t care for the plants and they all died. 

Anyway, gardening helps with balancing the root because the root chakra is associated with the earth literally a lot of helpful activities for balancing were just “go out into nature” but it’s more than that its consciously being aware of the nature and natural surroundings that I place myself into. It’s walking slow, breathing slowly in the clean air. Allowing myself to stop and see and feel. 

I read Esperanza Rising, once when I was in high school and there was always this passage that stood out to me from the book. The main character Esperanza lays down in the earth- the unturned soil that her family works on- she stills herself and says she can feel the earths heartbeat. 

To me that is grounding of the root chakra. Becoming one with nature. Feeling what nature feels. 


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