this morning as I meditated on yesterdays events and life in general I decided to start this opening, clearing and cleansing of all my chakras. for some time now ( a little over a year) I have felt disconnected from myself and the people around me. I have felt a disconnect from the universe. Each week – Sunday to Sunday-  I am going to immerse myself into a different chakra. Learning, mediating – doing y best to heal myself from the inside. I want to journal my experiences and thoughts that I am going to have each week while journeying through this.

It’s Sunday. I’m starting with my root chakra since it is the first chakra and the chakra that grounds you. So far I have woken up. I have read book reviews on a few spirtual books I’m looking into purchasing. The whole time a nature, relaxing, calming music has been playing in the background. I have just now began to research the root chakra. I plan on doing yoga everyday during this journey and really digging into myself to clear out closed or cloudyness that lies in my chakras. It is important for me to document this journey for myself but hopefully it will resonate with you as well. rootchakra1


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